Embrace the Yoga Lifestyle:

The Ultimate Roadmap for Women at the Start or Restart of Their Yoga Journey!

(Perfectly suited for yoga rookies and returning yogis in just 20 minutes a day!)

Delving into Yoga - Fitness - Nutrition - Mindset.

YES! I Want To Start Making Changes To My Life Today!

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My 28-Day Yoga Life Detox is Open to

ALL Women at every life stage, regardless of yoga experience, age, size or shape!

This is right for you if you:

  • Are looking for a comprehensive, step-by-step daily roadmap to yoga, fitness, and nutrition, created just for women;
  • Are looking for a simple, fast and effective way to integrate yoga (just 20 mins!) and healthy lifestyle habits into your everyday life;
  • Want to feel passion for life and get your mojo back;
  • Want to learn a better way to deal with mood swings, burnout, anxiety, and insomnia;
  • Uncover the Yogic secret to loving nourishing food and lose weight effortlessly (without artificial shakes and whimsical diets. 🙈)
  • Drop your bad habits for good - and not miss them a bit!
  • Are absolutely new to yoga or practising for years - these basic principles apply to all practitioners and can make the lasting changes you need!
  • Don't have time to get to yoga class or hours to devote to your practice but want to start reaping the benefits;

Whether you're just beginning or reconnecting with your yoga practice, or aiming to translate the benefits of yoga into your daily life, this programme is your path to a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Welcome, beautiful souls, to the Yoga Life Detox - your compass to a happier, healthier you. In just 20 minutes a day, on and off the yoga mat, you'll embark on a transformative journey of self-love and rejuvenation.

This 'Detox' is NOT about strict diets and synthetic shakes - it's a full-life cleanse! It's about blossoming into the best version of yourself.

This isn't just about yoga either; it's about shedding old habits and stepping into your vibrant, glowing self. Each day, you'll take manageable steps towards creating a life that truly radiates joy and wellness.

No matter your yoga experience, this detox is tailored to meet you where you are, nourishing you deeply and guiding you towards the best version of you. Imagine if those 20 minutes could lead to a healthier, happier you, brimming with energy, sleeping like a baby and glowing from within. Well, it's not just a dream, it's possible!

Join me for 28 days of renewal and emerge as a revitalized you, ready to embrace life's wonders. Let's unfurl our yoga mats, lovelies, and witness the power of transformation together. Your journey to a happier, healthier you is just a stretch away.

What Women Have Said About The Yoga Life Detox

"Starting the Yoga Life Detox felt like taking a deep, cleansing breath - it was that refreshing! It's amazing how little daily changes can result in such a profound shift in your mindset and health. As a beginner to yoga, Cheryl's made the practice accessible, enjoyable, and truly beneficial.

I've noticed I'm calmer, more present and my skin's never looked better. Highly recommend!

I'm 15lbs down, no more snoring and I’m sleeping like a baby. I’m not snapping at the girls or my husband, I’m getting more done at work, I don’t feel tired all the time, and I feel happy again. Oh yeah, and I’m not starving all the time, either LOL! "

- Sally B

"My family has a history of diabetes, and I’ve always been worried I’d get it, too. It’s supposed to be something that runs in families. I did not know that you could cut the risks by changing your lifestyle.

As a busy mother of two, I was hesitant if I could squeeze in even 20 minutes daily. But Cheryl's approach is so flexible and grounding, it's impossible not to make time for it. I've been sleeping better, my energy levels have shot up, and I've started to see myself in a more positive light. It's not just yoga - it's self-love, and it's beautiful. I was all in, and the Yoga Life Detox has been a life-saver for me and I’m eating better and I’m doing yoga every day."

- Mary E

"I've been on and off the yoga wagon for years, but the Yoga Life Detox has been the most enduring practice I've tried. The programme isn't just a yoga routine, it's a whole new lifestyle. There are simple, daily steps and I've managed to release long-term bad habits, and invite some wellness into my life. Feeling healthier and happier.

I’m so happy I decided to give this a chance, and it’s a lot better than dieting. I’ve swapped going to the gym for yoga mostly now. I’m losing weight, I’m full of energy, my mood is better, and even my blood pressure is down! Gracias, Cheryl!"

- Carol S

What Can I Expect From The DETOX?

This programme couldn't be any more straightforward!

In this 28-Day Yoga Life Detox, I'm handing you everything you need to follow through the entire 28 days. Picture this: a daily itinerary, guiding you through yoga, mindset, nutrition and fitness. A smorgasbord of yoga routines and meditations to pick from. Delicious, chef-curated recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists to get your nutrition spot on. Plus, a brand-new mindset and detox practices for you to explore each day!

Each week, we'll zero in on a different element of incorporating yoga into your life, covering all the essentials: Body, Mind, and Soul. By week 4, we're establishing healthy habits that will feel like second nature, making it easy for you to continue long after the 28-Day Detox.

Let's break it down, shall we?

Week 1: Mindful Cleansing
Yoga is more than just striking poses on a mat, love. It's about the positive impact it has on our daily life. So, in the first week, we focus on setting up nourishing routines and inviting joy back into our lives. We start with Mindful Cleansing, delving into our internal landscape and identifying what's been holding us back - all this even before we unroll the yoga mat.

Week 2: Yoga Body
Week two is all about understanding what a Yoga Body truly means. It's about what we feed our bodies, how we care for them, and how we nurture ourselves through food and yoga practice throughout the month.

Week 3: Yoga Soul
Come the third week, we turn our gaze inward, nourishing our Yoga Soul. Feeding our inner selves is just as crucial as nourishing our physical bodies. We'll deepen our soul-nourishment, reacquaint ourselves with our true identity, explore our relationships, indulge in what we love, and make time to truly live!

Week 4:Creating Lasting Rituals
The final week centres on Creating Lasting Yoga Lifestyle Rituals. We'll focus on achieving your yoga and health goals and securing long-term, easy-to-maintain results. This week is dedicated to keeping you on track and focused on what truly matters to you.

Throughout this 28-day journey, whether you're a newbie or evolving your existing yoga practice, this detox will nourish both your body and soul, meeting your needs each day, without pushing you beyond your comfort zone. I'll guide you to listen to your body's cues and select the best yoga, mindset, and self-care practices for you each day. So, let's start this exciting journey together!

By The End of This Detox, Here's What You'll Have Achieved:

  • You'll have seamlessly integrated daily yoga, fitness, and mindful eating into your life! The benefit? You'll be physically stronger, more flexible, and brimming with energy - plus, you'll be savouring the food you eat rather than seeing it as a guilt-inducing enemy.
  • You'll have grasped the small, daily changes that make life vibrant and exhilarating. And the best part? You'll wake up every morning excited to greet the day, bringing a newfound joy to your existence.
  • You'll have started tuning into your body's intuition, supplying it with what it craves in terms of yoga, self-care, and nutrition. This means no more denying your body's needs – you'll be in harmony with yourself, promoting physical and mental wellbeing.
  • You'll be in love with your yoga practice and reaping all its benefits - no skinny leggings required! 😉 You'll be healthier, less stressed, and more focused, all thanks to your commitment to yoga.
  • You'll have let go of anything that was pulling you down - be it negative beliefs, unhealthy habits, or toxic individuals. The result? A lighter, happier you, free to soar without any burdens holding you back.
  • You'll have revolutionised your perspective on food and, lo and behold, you'll have lost weight effortlessly.
  • Your relationship with food will be one of nourishment, not punishment, leading to sustainable weight loss and a healthier body image.
  • Finally, you'll find yourself with boundless energy, enhanced relationships, and a renewed zest for life! You'll enjoy more satisfying and meaningful interactions with others, and your enthusiasm for life will be contagious. So why wait? Let's begin this rejuvenating journey together!

The Yoga Life Detox Will Help You:

Kick-Start (or Re-start) The Right Yoga Practice

Join me as we start (or reboot) your daily yoga practice - on and off the yoga mat - and integrate cardio into your routine. In as little as 20-mins a day you will be nourishing your body and soul by giving it exactly what it needs each day!

Eat What You Like and Like What You Eat!

You'll completely change your attitude towards food and introduce Mindful Eating habits - Jump into the Yoga Life Recipe Book and Meal Plans for tasty options throughout the Detox and beyond.

Uncover What You Need for a Healthy Mindset

We're going to deep dive into what's been holding you back, and what you need and make a sustainable plan to get you there going forward. Positivity, Optimism and Contentment are waiting for you!

All Of This For Less Than The Price of A Pair of Nice Yoga Pants

Get Immediate, Lifetime Access on Sign Up Now (normally £199)

YES! I cannot wait one more minute!

I started this detox after feeling really stressed and busy. My family and I had just moved into a new house over the festive period and it was a very intense time. I felt burnt out, and tired and struggled to sleep. I already followed quite a healthy diet but I definitely needed some kind of kick-start to help me feel more like my old self. I was also studying at the same time and spending every minute on that.

The detox takes the thought out of everything with the meal plan and the ingredient list. The sequences are easy to follow and there are lots of nice recipes that I wouldn’t have thought of before. I definitely noticed a big difference after following the programme. Much happier, healthier, sleeping better, and definitely more energy. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs a reset in their life. It also caters to lots of different dietary requirements which is very important to some people.
Thank You

- Katieanne Duncan-Bruce

What's Included in The Detox?

My exclusive, step-by-step 28-Day Yoga, Fitness and Mindset Schedule to keep you on track - all accessible from the exclusive YogaBellies app on your phone or device (value £200)

4 x Weekly Yoga Life Detox Guided Sessions with me – I personally coach you through Yoga Mind, Yoga Body, Yoga Soul and Lasting Rituals - we'll look at movement, mindset and nutrition in these sessions (value £400)

4 x Info-Packed Modules and Printable Guides: Every week, you’ll get access to your new module packed with information and tips to help you get the most out of this detox and reset your life. (value £200)

A Daily 'Detox Bites' videos and Inspiration with Cheryl to start each day focused including your daily self-care, detox tools, and motivations; (value £50)

Access to My Yoga Video Vault With A Choice of Detox Yoga Routines: 18 X Exclusive Video Yoga Routines with Cheryl AND 15 more yoga routines to print out and use. Also, Meditations and Yoga Breathing Practices to choose from every day. Choose from energizing, relaxing, and grounding focus depending on what you need right now. (value £200)

The Yoga Life Detox Workbook to track your progress, mind body and soul, throughout the detox. (value £50)

A 28-Day Easy-View Detox Calendar to keep you focused on the topic for the day and help you start getting all the benefits of the detox. (value £25)

Your Personal Yoga Detox Food Diary: It's the first step to mindful eating and a key component of long-term success for anyone looking to shed a few pounds. (value £25)

2 x Tasty Yoga Life Recipes Books (Omnivore and Vegan versions!) Chef-created and nourishingly planned, these delicious recipes are an unbeatable ticket to a healthier future for you. They’re quick and easy to make and taste amazing. (value £50)

Suggested Meal Plans and Shopping Lists. Eating healthy is hard if you don’t know where to shop. Stay on track at the supermarket and in the kitchen. (value £50)

Detox Tools, Practices and Tips for every area of your life including: Overcoming Detox Obstacles; Using essential oils; Yogini Detox Drinks; Yoga to Aid Digestion and Yogic Tummy Oil Wraps (value £100)

Unlimited ongoing access to our online community of women supporting women for love and support on your yoga journey. (value £50)

That's £1200 Worth of Yoga, Mindset and Nutrition Goodness, Just For Women, At Your Fingertips!

...Not To Mention These Incredible Bonuses Worth An Additional £1080!

  • BONUS 3 X YogaBellies Wellness Kits - including The Sleep Kit; The Anxiety Kit and The Immunity Kit (value £150)
  • FREE BONUS Your Guide to Setting Up a Home Yoga Practice and Getting Started (value £150)
  • FREE BONUS YogaBellies Beginner Guide to Meditation - E-Book and Audio guide for those new to meditation or who want to take it back to basics (value £150)
  • FREE BONUS GUIDED MEDITATIONS: Cultivating Happiness and A Positive Future (value £50)
  • FREE BONUS Content on Probiotics for women; Aromatherapy; Creating your own affirmations and managing your hormones (value £200)
  • FREE BONUS Webinar Smoothie basics for busy women and smoothie recipes (value £50)

That's £2280 Worth of My Best Yoga, Mindset and Healthy Eating Tools and Guides Just for You!

YES! I Do NOT Want To Miss This Opportunity

Meet Cheryl

"I'm Cheryl Kennedy MacDonald! Hailing originally from Scotland (and yes, I've held onto that accent), I now enjoy life in Singapore with my husband and our teenage lad. 25 years ago, I fell head over heels for yoga, and YogaBellies sprouted to life in my Glasgow spare bedroom 15 years ago. Blimey, time flies! From those cosy roots, I've been privileged to share the YogaBellies method with women worldwide at all life stages and have trained hundreds of women to become YogaBellies teachers, offering practices tailored especially for women.

I've brewed up a cracking, straightforward, and effective life detox that'll rejuvenate your life in less than a month. I'm with you every step of the way in this journey, guiding you to harmonise yoga, a positive mindset, and mindful eating.

What's on the menu? Quick, easy adjustments that'll aid weight loss, cleanse your body of toxins, and instil a calm, focused mindset - all consistently and with ease.

My job? To keep you inspired, engrossed, and celebrating real, tangible results right from the get-go! So come aboard for this straightforward 28-day transformation. By the end, you'll feel revitalised, driven, and primed for a brand-new beginning!

You might've spotted me in...

  • The Huffington Post - sharing my yoga adventure and the origins of YogaBellies®.
  • As a champion on BBC Dragon's Den - they absolutely adored the idea of YogaBellies®.
  • Appearing on ITV's This Morning - teaching yoga to women and kiddos at different life stages.
  • And in all the mags, telly channels, and publications you see on this page, discussing yoga for women throughout life.
  • I've also had the pleasure of being a personal yoga instructor to celebs like Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud), Fearne Cotton, and Catherine Tyldsley.

Upon signing up, you gain immediate access to the entire programme!

Reset Your Life In 28 Days

A Journey To Find The Best Possible Version of YOU with YogaBellies Founder, Cheryl


So, How Does This Yoga Life Detox Roll?

Trust me, it's as easy as pie...

I'm handing you my comprehensive 28-day Yoga DETOX plan, designed to hit the reset button on every facet of your life.

Each part of the journey offers day-by-day guides and a motivational nudge from yours truly, plus a dash of OMwork. This way, you'll be able to embrace all the amazing life shifts without feeling swamped.

Every day, I'll toss you a new nugget to focus on, steering you towards your dream life.

Here's a wee taste of what each day holds for you:

1. Yoga Bites: Start the day with a 2-minute audio bite from me (perfect for on-the-go!). This includes your focus for the day and a fresh affirmation.

2. Breathe: A quick yogic breathing exercise to kick-start your day, help you unwind, sleep better or cultivate more compassion.

3. Move: Choose from a variety of YogaBellies Sequences with me, depending on your mood and what your body craves each day. From 5 to 60 minutes, there's something for everyone.

4. Sleep: Deep relaxation and meditation sessions centred around cultivating a positive mindset, better sleep, and stress relief.

5. Circle: Unrestricted, ongoing access to our online sisterhood for a daily dose of love and support on your journey.

6. EAT: To tickle your taste buds, there are daily scrummy and wholesome recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists for the whole 28-day stretch.

7. LOVE: Daily Yoga and Ayurvedic cleansing, lifestyle and self-love practices to help you rid the body of negativity and toxins and help you step into your vibrant self.

And now, with our spiffy new YogaBellies app, you can access the whole programme straight from your phone! Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, your detox plan is just a tap away. Isn't that brill?

YES!! I want in right now!!

Here's Your Schedule for the Next 28-Days...

Week 1: Mindful Cleansing

Sweeping out the old and ushering in the new!

We'll get the ball rolling by giving your life a complete makeover - from bottom to top. We'll be dusting off those cobwebs, spring cleaning old patterns, and giving room for shiny new habits that are as quick as they are transformative. The benefit? You get to reset your life on a fresh canvas.

Here's a peek at what you'll get up to:

  • Understanding why we women need a bespoke style of yoga and how to stitch 'Union' (of body and mind) into your daily life.
  • Discovering your must-have women's yoga toolkit to the most from your yoga practice.
  • Crafting your daily yoga lifestyle schedule. Your step-by-step roadmap that takes the guesswork out of your day.
  • Focusing on ditching what's not serving your life's purpose - what's anchoring you down - and instead, replenishing your inner self. A cleansed, unburdened you, free to flourish and thrive.
  • Learning swift and easy techniques to declutter your mind to become free from unnecessary baggage.
  • Taking a mental inventory and zeroing in on those repetitive thoughts that are sneakily nestling in your mind.
  • Creating gorgeous affirmations. Positivity and self-belief are at your fingertips.
  • Embracing mindful living: dealing with Anxiety, Anxiousness, and Heightening Your Awareness.
  • Soak in the beauty of nature and grounding yourself to deeply connected with the world around you.
  • Welcoming joy into your life. A happier, more content you that radiates positivity.

At the end of Week 1, you'll feel lighter, brighter, and ready to embrace the rest of your transformation with open arms.

Week 2. Yoga Body

Week 2 is all about honouring your physical self - treating your body with the kindness it deserves. We'll delve into the world of mindful nutrition and embrace practices that rejuvenate our bodies and spirits. The perk? You'll feel nourished and invigorated from the inside out.

Here's what Week 2 will bring:

  • Understanding what a true Yoga Body is. Hint: it's not about squeezing into skinny jeans or pulling off complex yoga poses. You'll gain a healthier, more accepting perception of your body.
  • Looking at what goes into your body. Nutrition plays a key role here, as we'll discuss how to nourish your body with the right foods throughout the month. A healthier, stronger, and more energized you.
  • Embracing self-care and creating a yoga practice that caters to your unique needs that align perfectly with your physical and emotional state.
  • Finally, let's talk about food and emotions. We'll unravel the connection between how you feel and what you eat, helping you break free from the cycle of emotional eating. Mindful eating will help youl gain control over your food choices, helping you maintain a balanced diet regardless of how you're feeling.

Week 3: Yoga Soul

Ready to dive into Week 3? Here we explore the concept of our Yoga Soul. This week is all about nurturing our inner selves and tuning into our deeper desires and needs.

Week 3 will guide you to:

  • Nourish your inner self. Remember, your inner self needs just as much love and attention as your physical body. We're going to turn the focus inward and allow ourselves to heal and grow. The benefit? This will lead to an increase in your overall wellbeing and contentment.
  • Rediscover who you truly are. It's time to peel back the layers and get in touch with your authentic self. We’ll examine our relationships and our interactions with the world around us. The benefit? You'll develop a deeper understanding of yourself and form more authentic relationships with others.
  • Prioritise doing the things you love. This isn't about what you should be doing, but what you want to be doing. The benefit? You'll reignite your passions and experience more joy in your day-to-day life.
  • Make time for living! This isn't just about surviving—it's about thriving and truly experiencing every moment. The benefit? This will improve your overall quality of life and make each day feel more fulfilling.

Week 4. Lasting Rituals

Heading into the final stretch, This is the grand finale where we weave together everything you've learned and practiced over the last three weeks. The goal for Week 4 is to help you create and maintain your new healthier lifestyle long after the 28-Day Detox ends.

Here's what to expect:

  • Focus on achieving your health and yoga goals. We'll develop a strategy for you to continue your new routines and practices in your daily life. The benefit? This gives you a clear plan to keep up with the positive changes you've made during the detox.
  • Learn about sustainable, easy-to-keep practices. I want these changes to be enjoyable and doable, not another to-do on your list. The benefit? You'll have a set of habits that you can easily maintain, keeping you on track for the long run.
  • Stay focused on what matters most to you. We’ll take some time to reflect on your priorities and how you can align your everyday actions with them. The benefit? This will give your life more purpose and direction, helping you feel more fulfilled and content.
  • Remember, this isn't a race. Everyone's journey is unique, and there's no rush. Take your time, take care of yourself, and enjoy the process. I'm here for you, every step of the way.


Access this exclusive discount with a one-time payment of just (normally £199) ONLY £47

Price is listed in GBP/pounds and equates to around $30 USD,  you can use your credit/debit card regardless of your location in the world and it will convert it for you. You can also pay via Paypal, the most secure payment system in the world. The Eat Sleep Yoga Repeat programme can be accessed worldwide, regardless of location.


You can start the 28-Day Detox any time on sign-up, and I’ve been getting a whole bunch of questions about the programme and whether it’s really all it’s cracked up to be. So, I thought I’d share a few of my answers with you...

Q: Why do I need to join The Detox; can’t I just look up all of this stuff this online?
A: Of course, you can do your own research and find out how to reset your mindset, kickstart your yoga practice and find out about mindful eating, but there are a few good reasons to do it through a structured programme.

Think about this:

  • Over 80% of people who fail at changing their lifestyles state that the number one reason is lack of support and understanding - two things that my reset has! I don’t just give you a bunch of recipes and a yoga sequence and let you work things out for yourself, I offer continuous support, encouragement, and help in figuring out the best ways to incorporate a yoga lifestyle into your current, daily life. You’re going to be able to interact with me and ask me questions live every week also in our online community forum – and have the ongoing support of the other women undertaking the reset!
  • The second-biggest reason people have for quitting a lifestyle change is boredom - as in, they get bored eating the same thing over and over or feel restricted in their lifestyle. Too many people mistake clean living for choking down dry salads and sitting at home depressed. You need help getting to know the ins and outs, and you get that with my Reset. I’m going to help you mix up your nutrition, movement and mindfulness routines to keep you active and interested - and we're going to have a laugh along the way because making your life better should be bloody good fun!

Q: Is this going to be super expensive?
A: Not at all! What is expensive is eating those brand-name “health” foods or shakes they try to sell you, which are really just as bad as all the other over-processed, sugar-laden convenience foods that litter the shelves of the local ASDA. If you know how to shop seasonally and avoid marketing traps, you can actually save tens or even hundreds of pounds on your shopping bill over the course of a year. Believe me, I’ve done it! Also, I'm giving you lifetime access to over £500 of valuable, female-centric wellness content for less than a month's gym membership.

Q: Be honest, isn’t this just another diet?
A: The Yoga Life Detox will help you lose weight, that’s true. Having a makeover will make you look good, yep. Practicing yoga a couple of times will make you feel better short term, of course. But a yoga lifestyle isn’t a diet or a fad - it’s changing your perspective on life and living.

So, what’s the difference? People who go on a diet or a fitness binge always see it as a fixed, finite thing - I’m on a diet until I lose ten or twenty pounds, then I’m off the diet and back to eating crispy-creme and watching Netflix 24-7 (and gaining back all the weight I just lost!). Changing to a Yoga Lifestyle, on the other hand, means you commit to a lifelong way of living, thinking, and eating that does you long-term good. I know this might seem impossible because you’re still thinking about it as being on a diet for the rest of your life, but it simply isn’t the same. I'm going to show you how living your best, healthiest life can be more than enjoyable!

You will eat delicious meals every day, you will feel satisfied after eating them, and your tummy won’t be grumbling with hunger within a couple of hours - unlike diets. This doesn’t just affect your weight, either, it affects your entire life - it’s good for your physical, mental and emotional health. You'll be practicing mindfulness and moving every single day. You'll be working on identifying what you really want and need from life and how to get there. This program even offers options for both vegans and omnivores, which means anyone with any lifestyle preferences will find a way that works for them.

Q: What happens when I sign up for The Detox?
You will get immediate, lifetime access to the Detox on joining AND you can choose to join my weekly live online Guided Detox Coaching sessions starting on the 3rd of January 2023 at no extra charge!

Q: How can I prep for the Detox?
Everything that you need is provided in the Detox. When you get access, you could download your recipe book and shopping lists and start buying the ingredients in advance if you wish to do so - or you can simply access them on your phone or device, it's up to you. You may also want to get a yoga mat and have some comfy, non-restrictive clothing for your yoga practice and start setting up a small yoga space.

Q. How much time does the Detox take each day and what time are the live sessions?
This is completely up to you! The great thing about the Detox is that I've made it as flexible as possible but I've created it to take up around 20 minutes a day. I know that most of you are busy women so take from the detox what you need when you need it. There are tons of optional resources to use too.

There are YogaBellies Routines I created specifically for The Detox including RESTORE (deep relaxation and restoration), COREPLAY (a dynamic and energizing practice) and LUNA (perfect for gentle movement and contemplation.) Each yoga sequence lasts around 20 minutes and this is the only practice you need each day.

You can select which Yoga practice you want every day, and this will vary depending on what your body and soul need that day: It's up to you. You can complete these in your own time and you have lifetime access to keep going, every day after the Detox is complete. If you skip a day, don't panic, just get back on the mat the next day - because sometimes life happens and that's okay :)

There is also a 2-minute audio motivation from me you can listen to on the go and you can choose to join the weekly coaching sessions live with me to watch them later in your own time. You can also choose to use the meditations and detox tools any time you like. There are also a ton of extra videos and reading material on feminine health and wellness topics important to you. I want you to take what you need from this Detox and I know that will be different for everyone.

Give Yourself The Gift of Health.

Join This Programme Now for Lifetime Access To The Detox

(normally £199) NOW ONLY £47