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  • You feel stuck and know you need to do something more meaningful with your life.
  • You want a fulfilling career that allows you to spend quality time with your family, have an active yoga practice and eliminate mum guilt.
  • You're passionate about supporting women and want to learn scientifically-proven yoga practices to guide women at every life stage.
  • You're worried you don't have enough experience or time to become a yoga teacher, but you still want to pursue it. Our flexible and accessible programme is designed for you to complete at your own pace from home.
  • You want to save thousands on a "one-stop" specialist programme designed for women that will be the only yoga teacher training you'll ever need (80% of people doing yoga are women afterall!)
  • You want to join an established (15 years!), world-recognized yoga programme that focuses on clearing personal blocks, improving your yoga practice, and qualifying you to teach yoga for women through pregnancy, post-natal with baby, menopause, and balancing hormones.
  • You want guidance on how to create, set up and grow your own yoga business from a Dragons’ Den Winner and Multiple Business award winner, that's done it themselves!
  • You want to join a global community of women supporting women, as a yoga teacher and practitioner, and have guidance on setting up, running and growing your yoga business.
  • You want to gain the confidence and skills you need to live your best life, whether that's in your yoga business or at home.
  • You want ALL of this but can't find the time or money to travel to an in-person yoga teacher training and want to do this in a time and place that suits you!

If any of these describe you, then Empower is the perfect programme for you. We have helped countless women transform their lives, and we know we can help you too.

Don't wait any longer to start living the life you deserve.

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Here's What Some Of Our EMPOWER Graduates Thought:

Why EMPOWERTM Is NOT Your Standard Yoga Teacher Training

  • Our Empower Yoga Teacher Training Programme isn't for yoga snobs or filled with intimidating terminology. You can leave your school memories of assignments and exams at the door because we're all about one-to-one and group mentoring in a fun, friendly environment. Say goodbye to death by PowerPoint and endless video watching; we're bringing you live, interactive experiences instead. Join Cheryl and her senior yoga teachers for weekly online sessions, featuring teacher training, interactive YogaBellies class teaching, teaching critiques, Q&A, and ongoing support to ensure you truly understand and can apply everything you learn.
  • It's not a contest for the best headstand or an Instagram showcase; the best yoga teachers excel at instructing and adapting postures for their students in a safe and appropriate manner, taking into account what's going on with their students: body, mind, and soul. Our programme offers lifetime access to training resources and ongoing support from YogaBellies HQ and our global community of teachers for your yoga practice, teaching, and business.
  • It's not about following traditional yoga practices created for men, by men. We're focused on understanding the female anatomy, psyche, and emotions, so you and the women you teach can reap the most benefits from yoga at every life stage.
  • Forget cramming years of training into a 3-week Bali retreat or slogging through a laborious 2-year course before even getting a chance to teach. Our programme equips you to teach and support women confidently after just 6 months, but we don't stop there. We continue to support you, helping you learn and develop your yoga teaching skills for as long as you're with YogaBellies.
  • Our training isn't a cookie-cutter hatha yoga course where you're stuck in a class of fifty others and we churn out identikit teachers. We personalize and customize it to meet your needs, starting with your very own Empower Plan to ensure the programme works for you. There's no pressure to complete, as we understand life happens, and we're here to help you reach your goals.
  • We're not just about yoga as a physical exercise on the mat; we embrace yoga in every aspect of life and empower women to do the same. Our programme covers living in harmony with feminine cycles, seasons, and life stages, focusing on the bigger picture and how YogaBellies can improve women's lives.
  • We're not about being serious, mysterious, or judging others who may not be as "yogic" as us. We're about supporting all women on their journey, becoming specialists in women's health, and having fun along the way.

So, if you're ready for a yoga teacher training experience that breaks the mould and truly empowers you, look no further than YogaBellies EMPOWER Teacher Training and Empowerment Programme.

Meet Cheryl.

"Feeling swamped trying to balance work, family, and everything else life throws at you? Trust me, I get it! As a busy mum myself, I know firsthand the challenges of carving out time for self-care and maintaining physical and mental well-being. That's why I created the Empower Programme - to help amazing women like you unlock the life-changing benefits of yoga πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ.

Over 100,000 women worldwide have experienced the transformative power of YogaBellies classes. I'm confident that the Empower Programme can help you too! I practice what I preach, applying everything I teach in the programme to my own life. I've trained hundreds of YogaBellies teachers, worked with celebs, and even won some pretty cool awards for my work as a women's yoga teacher πŸ†. You might have seen me featured in The Huffington Post, BBC Dragon's Den, or ITV's This Morning.

If you're tired of trying to twist yourself into pretzel-like poses designed for men, let me show you a better way – the YogaBellies way πŸ’œ. With my proven track record, you can trust that the Empower Programme will help you feel amazing, energized, and ready to create a life you love. But hey, don't just take my word for it! Here are a few awards I've won: LuxLife Most Inspirational Women's Yoga Teacher 2021, The Great British Entrepreneur Award 2019, and Woman of the Year Award 2014.

Join the thousands of women who have already transformed their lives with the Empower Programme. Sign up today and start experiencing the unique benefits yoga can bring to your life. 🌟"

Cheryl xo

What You'll Learn:


Everything you need to know to start teaching YogaBellies classes: Whether you're completely new to teaching yoga or an experienced teacher, we get you on track so that you are confident in teaching our unique style of yoga.


YogaBellies unique prenatal yoga and wellness practices through the trimesters of pregnancy and yoga for childbirth.


Postpartum yoga for mum after birth, with and without yoga for baby. You'll also be a qualified infant massage instructor by the end of this module!


Yoga and holistic self-care for women over 40 and beyond. Explore the journey through perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause.


Learn how to adapt your yoga practice and self-care throughout the month and how to align with the lunar cycle. Learn yoga for hormonal fluctuations and Seasonal Yoga practices too.


Personalized yoga business training with Cheryl: Everything you need to know to start and grow your own yoga business and brand from a Dragons' Den and multiple business award winner.