A Beginners Guide to Teaching Pregnancy Yoga:

An Introduction for Anyone that wants to Teach Yoga to Pregnancy Women

If you're checking out this guide, you could already a yoga teacher or working with women during pregnancy and birth. Or perhaps you've never taught yoga before but you dream about it! It's possible that you’re feeling anxious that you’re not quite ‘qualified’ to look after pregnant yoga clients properly.

Pregnancy and post-partum are a whole new ball game with their own set of complications, risks and ailments.

I get it! I felt the same.

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When I started YogaBellies 13 years ago, my main focus was on working with pregnant and postpartum women during the perinatal period. I undertook several trainings in all things birth and baby, not just yoga - including hypnobirthing; perinatal psychology; infant and post-partum massage; perinatal Ayurveda and more. I practiced all of these things during my own pregnancies and birth and even created the Birth ROCKS Method (and the best-selling book by the same name,) to help parents prepare mindfully for childbirth.

I truly understand how unique this period is for a woman and that her yoga practice can be of such additional value to her at this time. Prenatal yoga isn't just a 'safe' yoga practice: it's bonding with your baby; it's overcoming fear of childbirth; learning specific asana and pranayama to aid comfortable birthing and more.

What Can I Expect From This Guide?

In this mini-guide, I’m going to cover some preparatory considerations for welcoming and accommodating a pregnant student in a standard yoga class, and when it’s time to refer out to a pregnancy yoga teacher. I'll also pop over some information on our Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training programmes.

So please enjoy your download and be sure to let me know how it helped you.



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