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  • You feel stuck. Every day feels the same and you've lost your mojo. Whether it's changing nappies or punching numbers in an office, you know you need to do something more meaningful with your life.
  • You want a career you love, where you feel fulfilled but also get to spend quality time with your family, have an active yoga practice and eliminate mum guilt;
  • You are called to support women and want to learn how to use scientifically-proven yoga practices to guide women at every life stage;
  • You're worried that you don't have enough experience to be a yoga teacher or that you don't have time: This programme was created to be flexible, accessible from home and you are able to complete in your own time.
  • You want to save thousands on a 'one-stop' specialist programme created just for women, that will be the only yoga teacher training you'll ever need;
  • You want to join an established (15 years!), world-recognised yoga programme, that not works on clearing personal blocks and improving YOUR yoga practice, but also qualifies you to teach yoga for women through pregnancy, post-natal with baby, menopause and to regulate the menstrual cycle and balance hormones;
  • You want to join a global community of women supporting women, as a yoga teacher and practitioner and have guidance on setting up, running and growing your yoga business;
  • You want to gain the confidence and skills you need to make sure you are living your best life, whether that's in your yoga business or at home.

As women, we tend to spend a lot of time looking after everyone other than ourselves...

Whether you have a crazy, busy job or spend long days looking after your babies... it’s easy to see why you'd feel burnt out and unfulfilled.

The thing is, this leaks into every area of your life, making you feel resentful, exhausted and unhappy - you're on a never-ending hamster wheel of just trying to get through the day.

You don't have the time or brain space to start thinking about what you need for you, so you just keep going...

If you do manage to get to your yoga class, you go home even more exhausted - the stress of trying to fit it, get childcare... it makes you want to not bother.

I want you to take that pause now.

What do YOU want from life?

How would it feel to have your own business that improves your health and well-being; allows you to support other women and really make a difference... and you can do it on a timescale that means you can spend time with your family?

YogaBellies EMPOWER is a women's yoga teacher training, feminine empowerment and complete business package.

We focus on making you feel good: Confident, fulfilled and happy. We teach you the skills you need to get there and then you'll learn how you can empower other women with yoga throughout life, so that they can feel the same way. And we'll give you everything you need to make this into a real business, that can support your family and a balanced lifestyle.

If this sounds like this could be the change you're looking for, keep reading...

There is a way to fit in your daily yoga practice; have more balance across your life and find time for the people you love...

A programme that helps you to finally tune into and LOVE your female body and mind so that you feel positive, confident, bursting with energy and REALLY enjoying your life again.

A female yoga and empowerment programme so in-depth and exceptional, that by the end of it... you'll also be a fully qualified Women's Yoga Teacher... and ready to start your own yoga business!

I'm going to show you how to take the “yoga-high” that you get on the mat, and start feeling that way every single day... and teach other women how to do the same.

You can pop your details in to read the complete brochure or you can book a FREE Yoga Teacher Roadmap session with me, where I’m going to share with you my proven yoga system that thousands of women have used to reconnect with themselves and create their own women's yoga business working from home

It’s Time To Take Control Of Your Life Again…

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What Women Are Saying about EMPOWER

Find Out What Our Graduates Think of the Programme

"This course is giving me back what I have been missing for years.

It's been a transformative experience for me, I have made such small changes to my life based on some of the things I'm learning but the outcome of that is huge.

I have changed my mindset about menstruation, and I have learned to adapt my yoga practice based on which stage of the cycle I'm in. I have also learned that yoga practice is a whole lot more than just postures.

I'm seeing things differently in my everyday life, I'm embracing things that I didn't before... I'm just loving it.

The content is so varied and interesting, you can take what you want from it and the delivery from Cheryl is so engaging and uplifting. I loved every second of it!

I was so nervous before I started, that I wasn't sure I would be able to keep on top of it all and wasn't sure how involved I would feel with it being online. Since I've started I've got to know some wonderful ladies, I have built up a connection with the girls in my nest and we feel like we have known each other for years but it's just been a few months. The group is so supportive, from your nest to your SYT and Cheryl too. I'm also really enjoying the live class run-throughs with different senior yoga teachers and seeing how their styles vary.

I'm gaining confidence that I had lost since leaving my career and I'm seeing how I could build a future on these foundations. Thank you to Cheryl for developing such a collaborative, engaging, varied and interesting course. I don't have any regrets!"

- Georgina Ward

EMPOWER Graduate

"Cheryl is always on hand to help if we have any issues and her knowledge and own journey are truly inspiring.

I really loved the Empower training. The content is relevant to me and the different stages of my life (I began peri-menopause within 12 months of having a baby) and has also given me the knowledge and understanding I need to become a yoga teacher.

I am managing to fit the requirements of the course around work and family life, and although I found everything a little overwhelming initially, I’ve come to realize that’s how I react to anything new!"

- Jeanie Mannion

EMPOWER Graduate

"I signed up for Empower purely because I wanted to become a yoga teacher... but the course has offered so much more than that.

It is truly a course that every female at every life stage will benefit from. I have not only learned so much about yoga, but I have also learned about the wonders of the human body, our hormones, the impact of our environment, the importance of diet and nutrition, the wonder of aromatherapy, and most importantly myself.

I have already been commenting to my female friends and family members about how can we not know this stuff - how is it not taught in schools or in families... I really look forward to using what I have learned for myself as I progress through life, as well as offering a wonderful yoga practice for other ladies.

- Beth Thomas

EMPOWER Graduate

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You’re Protected When You Join EMPOWER

I’m so confident you’re going to see life-changing results working with me, that I’m offering a full 100% money-back guarantee on the programme!

If you’re not completely satisfied with your results, I’ll refund the money, no questions asked (we can even stay friends!)

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Trusted By Thousands Of Women…

About YogaBellies...

I started YogaBellies around 2007 in my spare bedroom. It's now grown into a global collective of women in over 12 countries and we've taught over 100,000 women worldwide.

Why do women love YogaBellies? It's not just about pulling some shapes on a yoga mat.

It's a lifestyle choice that means you’re going to have tons of energy; be looking forward to the day ahead; be able to get your hormones under control and make time for the people and things that you love in life. Taking your yoga practice off the mat and into real life!

I also think it's important you know this little thing about yoga... 

Nobody comes to Yoga with their sh*t together.

If your life was perfect and you knew all of the answers... you probably wouldn't be practicing yoga. 

Yogis are Seekers: You're on the yoga mat looking for answers! To find that feeling of being grounded, to improve your physical health and even just start feeling like your old self (where did she go!??)

Yoga is not for zen supermodels that can tie themselves up like pretzels.

Yoga is for All Women.

I created YogaBellies for myself.

For years, I struggled with erratic periods, major PMS and serious hormonal imbalances - even though I was dedicating 6+ days a week to an intensive Yoga practice. I kept waiting to feel as good as everyone told me I would when I took up yoga...

What I didn't know. was that Yoga was initially created for MEN! For male bodies and minds.

And the absolutely punishing yoga practice I'd been throwing myself into... was actually doing me more harm than good!

NEWSFLASH: Male and Female Bodies and Minds are Different!

This is when I started looking at how yoga could work for women. To improve our mindset, to help us balance our hormones, and allow us to really rediscover our passion for life… A yoga practice that recognises our female life phases and cycles… helping instead of hindering them.

I wanted a yoga practice that filled UP my cup, rather than becoming just something else I had to squeeze (reluctantly) into my day... This is what YogaBellies is all about.

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