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🔋 Quickly Increase Your Energy Levels

Our quick-start pregnancy reset will rapidly increase your energy levels, help you sleep better, and plan for optimal self-care for you and baby.

😌 Alleviate Pregnancy Stress and Anxiety

Balance pregnancy hormones and lower cortisol levels with the correct nutrition, and establish a pregnancy-safe yoga and meditation practice.

🧘 Reset Your Body for the Healthiest Pregnancy

This mini-reset will help ease anxiety, alleviate pregnancy brain fog, and avoid excess pregnancy weight gain.

Our FREE 3-Day Pregnancy Yoga & Wellness Programme Includes:

💌 3 x Daily guides, yoga routine videos, and guides to keep you motivated and help you kick-start your healthy pregnancy journey.
📝 Your YogaBellies Pregnancy Wellness Plan: Your 8-page editable plan, so that you can start planning for the best possible pregnancy - mind, body, and soul!
🤔 Your Pregnancy Health Quiz to help determine your current wellness level in pregnancy as your starting point.
🥗 Your daily Pregnancy Wellness Reset Guides with Pregnancy Meal Plans, Recipes, and popular Pregnancy Topics Guides.
🍇 Our guides to Superfoods, Probiotics, and Nutrition in Pregnancy.
🧠 3 x Pregnancy Meditation Audios including Bonding with Your Baby and Self-Hypnosis for Morning Sickness.
🚀 YogaBellies Guide to Getting Started with Pregnancy Yoga; setting up your home yoga space and pregnancy yoga checklist - as well as links to my favourite pregnancy yoga products!
🌿 My guide to Essential Oils during Pregnancy: The benefits; what’s safe to use and when.
🤢 Natural Remedies and my personal advice for alleviating morning sickness (don’t forget the bonus audio hypnosis too!)
🎬 My Most Popular Pregnancy Webinar Replays including Supercharge your Pregnancy with Yoga and Nutrition; Smoothie Basics for Busy Women, and Dispelling Pregnancy Yoga Myths.

PLUS 4 More Amazing Pregnancy Bonuses

NOT Available In Our Shop:

These bonus products will help you kick start your pregnancy wellness journey to give you and your baby the best possible start, with over £200 worth of products!

YogaBellies Pregnancy Quiz

Use this self-assessment quiz, to determine if you are displaying symptoms of hormone imbalances during pregnancy so that you can take action!

YogaBellies Pregnancy Wellness Plan

YogaBellies 8-page editable Pregnancy Wellness Plan, so that you can start planning for the best possible pregnancy for you and baby - mind, body and soul!

Explore why you need a pregnancy wellness plan; figure out what your personal wellness priorities are and plan your pregnancy self-care, including your pregnancy fitness and nutrition goals.

Getting Started With Pregnancy Yoga Guide

My 10-page guide to getting started with a pregnancy yoga practice including staying safe when practising yoga during pregnancy; what kit you need with recommendations; how to set up a home yoga space AND 2 mini YogaBellies for Pregnancy video sequences to kick off your practice

Smoothie Basics for Busy Women Video

I've included my awesome 25-minute instructional webinar video, on how to make clean, fresh and tasty smoothies at home, bio-individuality and all the kit you need to kick-start your smoothie routine, plus 2 additional gorgeous smoothie recipes. Use this along with your YummyBellies Pregnancy Smoothie Recipes!

Meet Cheryl

"I know that when you’re pregnant, you can feel tired, anxious and demotivated and how easy it is to collapse onto the sofa after work, munch on some Doritos and watch mind-numbing TV. Even if you’ve started your pregnancy like this, I’ve put together this 3-Day Pregnancy Wellness Reset as a quick and easy way to help you kick-start that healthy prenatal lifestyle you’ve been promising yourself!

This 3-day mini programme is going to help reset your body and mind for having an optimal pregnancy – for you and your baby. It’s going to help you sleep better, improve digestion, give you more energy, alleviate pregnancy brain fog and avoid excess weight gain. It’s perfect whether you’re a yoga newbie or a seasoned mat-treader.

As the founder of YogaBellies and creator of the Birth ROCKS Method, I understand first-hand why we need to stay fit and well for pregnancy and birth. Not just staying active, but making sure that we’re putting all of the right things into our bodies to help our babies grow and thrive during pregnancy, and have energy and strength for birth too.

I’ve also worked with celebrities and been featured in multiple publications and TV appearances… But most importantly, I’m mama to one gorgeous mini man (now a teenager eek!) and that’s why I know what you need during pregnancy.

I’ve been working with women using yoga, meditation, nutrition, hypnosis and psychology to help women throughout our unique female life stages for over 15 years now!

Pregnancy is not the time to take on a strict diet or start a high-impact workout routine—doing so can be both dangerous and stressful—but we do know that gentle movement, eating clean and active relaxation can make pregnancy and birth more comfortable; prevent common prenatal aches and pains and prevent your baby from being exposed to toxic chemicals … From the moment of conception, everything you do can have an impact.


The 3-Day Pregnancy Yoga Reset Programme for Busy Mamas-to-be

My pregnancy yoga mini-course for ultimate pregnancy wellness, is available to use on your phone, iPad, tablet or laptop. I promise that this reset will give your baby the best possible start - no matter when in pregnancy you begin!

In just 3-days you can kick-start your pregnancy yoga practice - even if you're completely new to yoga - you will reset unhealthy eating habits and gain a positive pregnancy mindset.


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