Discover How To Do Less and Achieve More With the Power of Cyclical Living

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Do you want to feel your best all month through?

Ever find yourself staring blankly at your to-do list, but nothing seems to get done? And on other days, you're firing through tasks, feeling like an unstoppable force of nature?

I've been there too, ladies. And here's a little secret: your menstrual cycle plays a huge part in your ebb and flow of energy.

In our world, we're accustomed to planning our lives in 24-hour cycles – a day. But did you know that this actually aligns with a man's hormonal cycle - men are linear and women are not. Women are cyclical which means we are not the same all month through – our cycles span approximately 28 days, echoing the lunar cycle and our menstruation phases: menstrual, follicular, ovulation, and luteal. Each of these phases brings unique energies and focuses, influencing our mood, interests, and productivity levels.

Here's where Cyclical Living comes in, a core element of my Lunar Rhythms Programme. It's all about tuning into your menstrual cycle and aligning your activities with each phase. By doing this, you'll find yourself in a beautiful flow, achieving more with less effort, and feeling more in sync with your natural rhythm.

Imagine harnessing the unique strengths of each phase: the reflective power of your menstrual phase, the dynamic energy of the follicular phase, the vibrant connectivity of ovulation, and the introspective wisdom of the luteal phase. Cyclical Living isn't just a practice; it's a celebration of your womanhood, aligning you with the natural ebb and flow of your body's wisdom - THIS is living your feminine yoga practice off the yoga mat.

Welcome to a world where life becomes easier because you're working with your body, not against it. Where productivity meets harmony. This is the essence of the Lunar Rhythms Programme. Join me on this journey together, where I'll show you how to embrace each phase of your cycle as a step towards a more balanced, empowered, and joyful life.

Luna Rythms Will Help You:

Feel Aligned With Your Natural Instincts:

Experience a deep connection with your body's natural rhythms, empowering you to navigate hormonal fluctuations and menstrual cycles with ease and confidence. Think less PMS, more menstrual regualrity; less cramps and mood swings; less tired and more energtic/

Feel Balanced and In Control Throughout The Month:

Finally, take control of your hormones with my complete lunar lifestyle blueprint. A complete yoga practice, nutrition, and lifestyle plan designed to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual health throughout each phase of your cycle.

Embrace The Power of Being a Woman:

Learn to LOVE the body you're in and respect the incredible energies and powers that your feminine body insitincitvely provides. Unlock your true potential by learning about the goddess archetypes associated with each stage of your menstrual cycle and lunar phases, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-love.

Transform with Rituals and Tools:

Discover practical feminine self-care (even cyclical skincare and recipes) moon manifesting rituals, tarot spreads, and journal prompts so that you can indulge your feminine all month long, releive stress, enhance energy levsls and cultivate a more balanced and harmonious life.

YES! I Want To Do Less And achieve more TODAY

Luna Rhythms Is For You If You Are:

A woman exhausted by the limitations of her monthly cycle and yearns to live in closer harmony with her body's natural rhythms! You want to understand how to harness the power of each phase and enjoy increased energy (and reduced stress) to fully embrace life throughout the month.

A Women At ANY Life Stage- whether you menstruate or not!

A woman who feels like you never received a proper 'user manual' when you started menstruating and now wants to comprehend the cyclical changes your body undergoes each month (which you still experience even after Menopause!,) enabling you to tap into your body's innate blueprint for health and well-being.

A Busy Mum

A busy mum who longs to feel at ease in your body and attune to the rise and fall of your energy levels throughout the month, so you can consistently present the best version of yourself for both you and your family.

A Career Women

A driven woman who wishes to access your strengths during each phase of your cycle and needs a practical plan to implement, allowing you to pursue the life you've always envisioned without having to pause when your period arrives.

How I Embraced Cyclical Living

Ladies, let's talk about integrating Cyclical Living into our lives. I know it might seem challenging to completely align our daily tasks with our menstrual cycle's phases. I mean you've got jobs and kids and sh*t to do! You can't put that on hold because you've got your period, right? But, even small adjustments can create a significant impact. By aligning some of our activities with our cycle's phases, we start to witness remarkable changes.

So, how about reshuffling a few work tasks or personal projects according to your cycle's stage? It's really worth experimenting!

I'll be honest, when I first came across this concept, it felt a bit 'out there' to me. However,
the results spoke for themselves. Armed with this understanding of cyclical phases, I learned to be kinder to myself. During my menstrual phase, I accepted those lower-energy days without guilt. I adapted my yoga practice to what my body told me it needed. And guess what? My productivity levels during my luteal phase were off the charts!

Adopting this holistic approach to our work and deepening our understanding of our bodies can truly revolutionize our productivity, joy, and vitality. So, why not give it a try?
Embrace Cyclical Living and see the transformation for yourself!

Meet Cheryl

What's included in

Luna Rhythms?

A Complete BluePrint To Live In Line With Your Cycle

This is a carefully curated course that includes a complete easy-to-follow blueprint giving you yoga video routines for every stage of your menstrual cycle, lunar phase alignment guidance, menstrual phase recipes and meal plans, lifestyle recommendations, and self-care rituals to support you in syncing your menstrual cycle and living harmoniously with your body's natural rhythms. No hard work is required, everything you need to live in sync is here! This is a total value of £697.

Lifetime Access to the Programme's Online Community.

This is a dedicated platform where you can connect with like-minded women, share experiences, and seek advice from fellow participants and experts, ensuring you stay motivated and on track throughout your journey.

Yoga, Moon and Menstrual Health Resources.

You get moon and menstrual tracking calendars (as well as an e-copy of Cheryl's best-selling Yoga for Life Journal) that helps you track your cycle and plan your yoga practice and daily activities in sync with the lunar phases, along with invaluable resources to support your menstrual health like journal prompts, rituals, crystals, manifestation guides and tarot spreads. You'll also get bonus guides to the special moon energies throughout the year and how to balance your hormones and repair your menstrual cycle naturally.

Exclusive Guide to Lunar-Inspired Nutrition and Self-Care Rituals.

Includes detailed guides containing nutritional advice and meal plans for every stage of your menstrual cycle. Also, natural skincare routines and self-care practices inspired by the lunar phases, enabling you to nourish and rejuvenate your body and mind throughout your cycle. Learn about the Lunar and Goddess energies throughout the month and how to embrace them in your yoga practice and self-care routines.

Flow In Line With Your Natural Cycles.