Is a YogaBellies Franchise the Dream Opportunity You've Been Waiting For?

Change Your Life


It’s been hard to pay attention to anything other than the news of the past few weeks. In fact, I thought about holding off on launching our new online teacher training for our franchisees... Your health and safety, family, and overall-wellbeing need to be the priority today, and we’re supporting our community of women every way we can.

But if you are in the fortunate position to have a strong foundation across these areas, you might also be looking at how you can adapt to the new normal, look towards the future and may be thinking about what work might look like for you in the future. And that’s why I’m here right now. In fact, there may be no better time for you to begin your YogaBellies franchise and teacher training.


Cheryl MacDonald, YogaBellies founder

What is the YogaBellies® Franchise?

“When I started YogaBellies®, I was personally looking for a yoga class that wasn’t silent or intimidating to attend. I wanted to learn how to practice yoga safely during my period; during pregnancy; with my baby. I wanted to do all of this and relax at the end of my working day! I wanted to meet likeminded women going through the same things as me – easy going women, who like a laugh, aren’t holier than though, are trying to juggle all that life throws at them, but still retain their sanity and find a little bit of time to look after themselves. I wanted to be motivated to MOVE, to eat right, to get some sleep, to socialize, to look after my family, see my friends, and show myself a little bit of love! The purpose and the reason why YogaBellies® exists – is to empower women to feel better: About themselves; about their body and their work-life balance – whatever that work is. Women need a unique style of yoga to support them through the various life stages, and that's exactly what we offer at YogaBellies.

We support women to live their best lives, by teaching unique YogaBellies® practices in a way that’s accessible to everyone. We’re talking about yoga life skills you can use every day to relax; to stay calm and to feel physically and mentally better all round.  

Buying your own YogaBellies franchise means that you can do all of this with a successful, ethical, and proven formula - and live the life you always wanted. If you want to support other women, run your own business from home and live your best life, you should get in touch :) 

Complete YogaBellies Franchise Business Packages start from £6997 plus VAT


What do we look for in a YogaBellies® Franchisee?

"It's not about who has the best headstand – I'm more interested in why you are doing this: Do you want to run your own ethical business? To support other women? Do you truly care about their wellbeing and believe that YogaBellies® offers so much more than pulling a couple of shapes on a yoga mat? Do you have what it takes to run a successful franchise? Do you want to create this community and support for women in your local area? That’s what’s important to me! 

Anyone can learn the physical practice of yoga, but if you don’t believe in the philosophy of what we do, that can’t be taught. As a YogaBellies franchisee, you don't need to teach classes yourself, you can hire teachers to do that for you, while you focus on building your YogaBellies business.

We're looking for women who want to own their own YogaBellies® franchise business for the same reasons as I did. They love what they do and want to do something that they love. They want to work with women. They want to meet likeminded individuals and believe that yoga is for everyone. They respect the YogaBellies® journey and want to be part of it. 

They’re ready to work hard to develop YogaBellies® , making use of all of the tools we provide, but with their own personal spin on things."

Want to hear why and how Cheryl started YogaBellies? Listen to her podcast episode by clicking on the image on the left.

Why Join the YogaBellies® Family?

When you join the YogaBellies® franchise, you become part of a collective of like-minded women. YogaBellies® actively support, mentor and guide you on your journey as a YogaBellies® franchisee and help you create the business of your dreams.

Certified YogaBellies® Teacher Training

We provide 250 hour Certifed YogaBellies® Teacher Training for Women. You don't need to teach classes yourself, but we do ask that you attend training so that you 'get it.'

Finance Available

We can provide finance to help you start and grow your own ethical YogaBellies Franchise.

On-going Business and Yoga Support

We not only support you during set up, launch and growth of your YogaBellies® franchise. We also help you develop the yoga teaching skills and personal practice (for you and/or your teachers) for the duration of your contract.


Ready-Made Online Systems and Tools

Make it easy for clients to find you and book, as well as custom-built YogaBellies® systems and reports to help you analyze and grow your business.

An Ethical, Established Brand

Be part of the most respected women's yoga collective in the UK, known for supporting women throughout life.

Find Some Balance 

Our franchisees work when they want, but this is a full-time endevour. You'll need a minum of 30 hours per to devote to your franchise, possibly more to start! You can fit around busy family life and other commitments.

When are the next Training Dates?

We are accepting applications now for ONLINE franchisee training course now. In-person will training when this is possible. Just click on the link below to be sent a full prospectus or to request a chat with one of our Franchise Support Team now.